Thursday, November 18, 2010

8 Words That Will Not Only Insult, But Confuse

Have you ever felt the usual "You're momma!" joke just isn't enough? Do you really want to hit your opponent hard with words? Here's 8 words that will not only insult, but also confuse! (Not in any particular order!)

8. Coccydynia- Pain in the butt

"Wow, you're a real coccydynia."

7. Corpulent- Fat

"Can you get your corpulent self outta my sight?!"

6. Cacafuego- Braggart; show-off

"Dude, stop being such a cacafuego."

5. Helminth- Intestinal worm (okay, so not insulting, but I bet you didn't know what it was!)

"Oh yeah? Well, you're face looks like a helminth!"

4. Impignorate- A beast

"Oh please, get that nasty impignorate away from me!"

3. Xantippe- The wife of a Greek philosopher who was cursed with bad temper

"Calm your xantippe down!"

2. Flopdeist- A fool who speaks to plants

"Hey, you! You with the face! Yeah, would you happen to be a flopdeist?

1- Snit dowser- One who rains on your parade

"Man, you snit dowser! Nice job ruining the party!"