Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Amigurumi books

So I went to the library yesterday, and guess what I found? Those two books above!! I'm super psyched :D I was going to buy Creepy Crochet a looong time ago, but I guess I got lucky. Well, I'm off to go read them now :)
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Sunday, January 16, 2011


[Picture from]
I bought all new stuff for adorable packaging (my old packaging was not cute enough). I bought pink lunch bags, tissue paper, stickers, etc. Now, I'm just waiting for someone to buy so I can package!!!! ^.^

I found this great website with so many amazing packaging ideas that may be useful for all you Etsy sellers: Nice Package. They havent updated in a few weeks, but just browse through the old posts and it's very inspiring :)

Do you know any other websites with great packaging tips and ideas? Just comment with the link and it'll surely be posted on a 2nd ONL blog post :D

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

~Adorable GIVEAWAY!~

Woot woot, it's time for an adorable giveaway! What exactly are we giving out? Weeeelllll, I found these LINDO (aka adorable) erasers and I thought they'd be perfect. (I have to apologize for the bad lighting from the pictures)

3 sets of erasers (SillErasers, CrazErasers, and Googly Erasers). You know you love them, you just can't deny the fact ;) Also, these are things you cannot find in the OmNomLindos shop, so take advantage of this chance!

You can win a cow and a panda, desserts, and fun little creatures with ONL's blog's first giveaway! And guess what? By doing different tasks you can earn extra entries, making your winning chances greater.

Important Information (please read):
- Giveaway starts January 8, 2011 and ends February 1, 2011 (lasts about 3 weeks)
- You have to be a resident of the U.S. or Canada. Sorry, no international shipping :(
- Please leave your e-mail in your comment entry, or else I will not be able to contact you if you win the prize
- You have to be following this blog
To enter:
Following the guidelines above, leave a comment telling me your favorite OmNomLindos items, and something you would like to see in our shop. Just two things :) Click here to browse through the OmNomLindos shop. This will earn you 1 entry.
Earn extra entries!:
- 2 (two) extra entries when you tweet about this giveaway. Leave the tweet link in a comment
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- 2 (two) extra entries when you make a blog post about this giveaway. Leave a link of the post in a comment
- 4 (four) extra entries when you purchase an OmNomLindos item. Leave a link of the sold item in a comment
I hope to receive alot of entries, and I can't wait to see who the winner is ^.^
(NOTE: They may all be one the same comment if you prefer)

Keep your eye open for a giveaway!

In just a few hours ;)

Post Christmas Slump & Sketches

Is anyone else experiencing a post Christmas slump? Not one sale after the holidays, and I have alot of Valentine's amigurumi I need to sell. I've been thining that maybe if I put up a promotion, like Free gift with purchase, but ooohh weeellppp xD
On another note, this is a question directed toward amigurumi makers: do you sketch your amigurumi before crocheting it? I've seen alot of Etsy shops with their amigurumi sketch, and on blogs, too! I'm just curious about it. Is it really helpful, or just to help shape your amigurumi? I want to try it, but Im horrible at sketching :P